Annual Events

An important part of language learning is learning about foreign people and customs. As a part of our cultural education program we offer students a number of events that not only gives them a chance to use the English they have been learning, but also introduces important American customs.

Our first event of the year is our Easter Party.

From mid-July to the end of August each year we have a school-wide Summer Reading Contest. Students who read six English books during the course of the reading contest win a prize. Also, the students who read the most pages at each grade level win a grand prize.

Following summer vacation, we run a five-day English intensive course. Our Summer English Camp combines theme-based education with intensive use of English. We generally find that our Summer Camp students make as much progress in that one week as they would in 4-5 months of regular class. The Summer Camp runs three hours a day for five days.

During the last week of October we have Halloween parties in each class. Activities include dressing up in Halloween costumes, trick or treating, scary ghost stories and a magic show.

Our final event of the year is our Annual Christmas party. This is the one chance students have to demonstrate to their parents and other family members their English abilities. The Christmas party includes English plays, Christmas songs, a pot-luck dinner, a bingo game and Christmas present exchange.