Frequently asked questions

What is unique about this school?

Learning a language takes time. There are no quick, magical methods. To learn a language takes study and practice. There are, however, differences in approach and focus. English education in Japan has generally focused on mastery of grammar and vocabulary and has paid relatively little attention to the use of English as a means of communication. At Alan Davis English School, our focus is always on learning to communicate in English. This doesnt mean we ignore grammar and vocabulary study, it means that students learn grammar and vocabulary in a communicative context so that the grammar and vocabulary they learn has a context—a purpose. When grammar and vocabulary are learned in a communicative context, they are learned automatically and don’t require rote memorization. And of course the language learned is much more available to the students’ use.

Since language learning is a long process, at Alan Davis English School we stress the personal relationship between the students and the teacher. Students, especially children, gain a great deal from developing this relationship with one teacher. The trust that grows between the students and the teacher over a period of time allows the students to relax, it eases the students’ fear of making mistakes and opens the students minds to the teacher’s message. This is especially evident in the case of shy children. It is always a delight to see a child who began silent and fearful, open up and engage fully in the learning process.

This school seems to place more emphasis on reading than most children's schools. Why is that?

How does this school prepare students for Eiken?